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Kawaii-World Rules & Help~~


:reading:GROUP RULES :reading:

:bulletwhite: To join the group, you must be at least a few weeks on deviantart and have at least 5 deviations in your gallery which were made by YOU. We want to prevent art thieves joining the group. Thank you for your understanding!
-> If you've made a new account and want to rejoin the group, you can give us the link to your old account BUT you have to write on your old account that you've made a new account. :)

:bulletyellow: After you clicked the "Join the Group"-button, you have to wait a few hours or days for acceptance. We will check your profiles carefully and then decide.

:bulletorange: To submit art: First, join the group, then click on 'Gallery' and then click 'contribute art' or 'Submit to this Gallery -> Contribute an Existing Deviation' (to choose it from your own gallery) at the top of the page. =D You can now submit your art, please submit to the correct folder!

:bulletred: What we accept: This is a group for lovers of all cute/kawaii things. That means we welcome any cute, adorable, sweet, fluffy, pretty, sparkly submissions. Pretty much anything that makes you go "awww!"

:star: What we don't accept:
1) No sexually provocative/explicit, nude images and images with blood!
2) No pics which make you "creep out" or scare you.
3) No pics with drugs (cigarette (smoking) and so on) and alcohol.
4) Yaoi, yuri and anything like that are also not allowed (pics which are far off cuteness and which are maybe cute but more sexual, this applies to both heterosexual and homosexual) - we don't want to sound offensive but we're afraid there's no "softer" way to express it, please don't take it amiss.
5) No pics containing Nazis/Nazi-signs (c'mon, we don't need that stuff and it's also offensive against Germans and we all know that not every German is a Nazi, right?), hate sermons, bad things against any religion (like: muslim = terrorist) and pics which are satirizing religions and/or their prophets like Jesus Christ or Mohammed.
6) No offensive language! Please, we're a "childish and innocent" group!
These will not be accepted and will result in a ban from the group if submitted

:star: Don't submit any stolen artwork!! Really!!! If anyone of you discovers a stolen artwork with the link to the original artwork (proof) please tell us, so that we can remove the stolen artwork from the group, report the deviation/deviant and block him/her from the group. :star:

:star:Also, we don't accept blogs and journals. If you want to spread the word about a contest or other things, please note us!:star:

:bulletpink: Your submissions will be reviewed by the founder/co-founder/contributor and go through a voting process. It will be confirmed/declined within 1 week.

:bulletpurple: If your art is declined for whatever reason and you would like to know why, please note the founder of the group and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

:bulletblue: Types of art that can be submitted into following folders: Animals, Animation - Flash - Games, Bases, Buttons - Badges, Christmas, Comics, Cosplay, Easter, Digital Art, Digital Fanart, Fashion, Figures - PVC, Food, Halloween, Handmade Crafts, Journals - Buttons - Brushes - etc., Line Art - Sketches - Memes, Literature - Texts, Miscellaneous - Mixed Media, Nature - Landscapes, Papercraft - Folding, Photography, Photo Manipulation, Pixel Art, Plushies - Amigurumi, Products, Songs, Stamps, Stationery - Calendar - Wallpaper, T-Shirt Graphics etc., The "UNSURE" Folder, Traditional Art, Traditional Fanart, Tutorials, Valentines Day.

:bulletgreen: There is a limit on submissions, only 2 deviations per day.

:gallery: FOLDER RULES :gallery:

:bulletwhite: Featured: You may not submit here
:bulletyellow: Animals: Please submit only photos of real animals i.e. your pet puppy, bunny, kitty, etc. Please do not submit traditional or digital pieces of animals here. Those belong in the traditional and digital folders.
:bulletorange: Animation-Flash-Games: Your animations, flash, games (of course) only, digital and traditional (animation) accepted
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletpink: Buttons: Digital, traditional and photography accepted.
:bulletpurple: Christmas: Christmas related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletblue: Comics: Your comic strips only, digital and traditional accepted.
:bulletgreen: Cosplay: Photos of Cosplay, items made for cosplay i.e. dresses, shirts etc.
:bulletblack: Contest: Contest entries.
:bulletwhite: Digital Art: Forms of digital art (things made on the computer, i.e. paint tool sai, photoshop, gimp etc.) accepted here, i.e. digital paintings of your OC made on Paint Tool Sai, a digital painting of yourself made in photoshop etc. This includes pictures of animals and cute food with faces, bunny girls/itty girls DRAWN and made in a digital program. Please do not submit digitally created fanart in this folder.
:bulletyellow: Digital Fanart: Digitally drawn deviations that are not of your own characters i.e. A picture of Zelda drawn in gimp, a picture of Naruto drawn in Sai etc.
:bulletorange: Easter: Easter related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletred: Fashion: This is different from the Cosplay section- This is just for general use handbags, shirts, skirts, maybe even shoes that you made for everyday life and not made to imitate a character (a.k.a. not something you would wear to dress up to go trick or treating at Halloween).
:bulletpink: Figures - PVC Self explanatory. :)
:bulletpurple: Food: This is for photos of real food only. This includes cakes, cupcakes, cookies that you have baked in an oven, or anything else that can be eaten in real life. This does not include digitally/traditionally drawn food, that does in the traditional/digital folder.
:bulletblue: Halloween: Halloween related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletgreen: Handmade crafts: This is for things you have made such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. This does not include hats you have made- that would go in fashion/accessories (confusing, I know, but hang in there!) and plushies go in the plushies folder!
:bulletblack: Journal Skins - Buttons - Brushes etc. Digital (for internet usage only).
:bulletwhite: Line Art - Sketches - Memes: Anything maybe unfinished, WIP, memes you would like to submit. Digital and traditional accepted.
:bulletyellow: Literature - Texts: Poetry - self explanatory :).
:bulletorange: Miscellaneous - Mixed Media: This is for mixed media i.e. traditionally drawn characters with a digital background, traditionally drawn picture with digital brushes etc.
:bulletpink: Nature - Landscapes: This is for flowers, plants, trees, clouds, etc.
:bulletpurple: Papercraft- Folding: Paper stars, paper cut outs, paper children, etc. Traditional only, since that's the only option you really have. haha^^
:bulletblue: Photography: Most pictures besides what is mentioned above (food, animals, nature, etc.). Maybe a picture of your favorite stuffed animal, maybe a picture of your cute baby cousin, or a cute girl
:bulletgreen: Photo Manipulation: Self explanatory.
:bulletblack: Pixel Art: Also self explanatory.
:bulletwhite:Plushies - Amigurumi: Plushies or Amigurumi you yourself have made.
:bulletyellow: Products: Anything you wish to sell! Necklaces, charms, plushies... basically this folder overrules any other folders if you wish to sell.. whatever you are selling.
:bulletgreen: Screenshots: Self explanatory.
:bulletorange: Songs: GIF's, Flashes or images including songs in it.
:bulletred: Stamps: Again, self explanatory.
:bulletpink: Stationery - Calendar - Wallpaper: Self explanatory. :)
:bulletpurple: T-Shirt Graphics etc.: Digital Graphics like shirts, bags etc.
:bulletblue: The "UNSURE" Folder: If you're not sure what category your deviation falls into, submit it here and we'll redirect you.
:bulletgreen: Traditional Art: For all traditional art (painting, pencil works, colored pencil, markers etc.) besides fan art. This includes traditionally drawn pictures of animals and food.
:bulletblack: Traditional Fanart: Art that is not of your character, i.e. Madoka Magica drawing made with colored pencils, Full Metal Alchemist painting made with oil paints, etc.
:bulletwhite: Tutorials: Once again, self explanatory.
:bulletyellow: Valentines Day: Valentines Day related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletorange: Well, that's that folks! Please join the group and have fun! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

:helpdesk: :star:Help:star: :helpdesk:

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Don't know how to fix this problem? You think leaving the group is the only way to stop this nightmare? :sniff: :saddummy:

- You're wrong!^^
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Check them out here:… or… :hooray: :boogie: :happybounce: :squee:

Do you have any problems? :confused: Do you need help or just want to ask or suggest something? :cuddle: Please contact us!~~

Your Kawaii-World -Team~~ :community:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3



Hello everyone~  :wave: by KlauS92

This journal keeps track of current contests of our members or affiliates. Other group's and people's contests can be advertised here, too. If you want to promote your contest, comment on this journal or note the group or me, I'll add your contest to this journal. (Contests are sorted by deadline.)

If you do commissions and want to be added onto our list, comment on this journal or note the group or me. (It's only for members of Kawaii-World, otherwise this journal would be too long. If you closed your commissions or the link to it doesn't work anymore, I'll take you down from the list.)

:bulletred:Please fill out one of these forms, so it's easier for me to add you to the list!:bulletred:

contest form:
●Description: (You don't have to write one, but it's always good to have a brief description.)
●Info: (links to journals/deviations etc.)

commission form:
»Desciption: (You don't have to write one, but it's always good to have a brief description.)
»Info: (links to journals/deviations etc.)
»Examples: (only 1 or 2 thumbnails, there's a thumbnail limit on journals)

:bulletgreen:Contests of our Members (3, 1 new)
:bulletblue:Contests of Affiliates (0)
:bulletpink:Contests of other People (0)
:bulletorange:Contests of other Groups (0)
:bulletpurple:Commissions (125)
- point commissions (34)
- money commissions (47, 1 new)
- points and money commissions (40, 1 new)
- unsorted commissions (2)


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of our MembersFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

●Description: Hosting a winglace contest to promote the species ~
●Theme: Draw your OC as if their species was Winglace!
●Prizes: 2200 in points + art ~
●Info: Winglace Contest! 2200 in pts + Raffle + More!!
●Deadline: Dec 1st, 2015

●Description: A contest to promote my species and to show my OC's to the deviantusers ^^
●Theme: Draw my OC contest (references are in the link in the journal)
●Prizes: 100 points, art from me and other artists, Original Closed Specie custom adoptables
●Info: journal
●Deadline: Dec 1st, 2015

●Description: Just a lil' giveaway for watchers
●Theme: Watcher giveaway
●Prizes: 1-month membership to dA
●Info: journal
●Deadline: Dec 2nd, 2015


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of AffiliatesFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre



Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of other PeopleFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre



Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of other GroupsFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre



Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCommissionsFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

(Some people on this list might not do commissions anymore or have changed them, because I can't keep track of every person/link. All links last checked on: 15th Jul 2015)

:bulletgreen:point commissions:bulletgreen:

shiro-neko123: "Pixel and traditional commission"
»Info: pixel, traditional
»Prices: 60 points - 600 points
»Examples: Icon Batch by shiro-neko123, stash picture

Teacuppit: "Help me rise 9000,0000 points to help for bully and suicidal victims! and my boyfriend beacuse hes been sad.."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 500 pts, 530 pts, 750 pts, 150 pts
»Examples: Chibi Lucy heartfilia pixel by TeacuppitThe cookies are ready pixel Amy rose chief by Teacuppit

YinUkume: "Point commissions are open! I take traditional and digital drawing requests :)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 500 - 1500:points:
»Examples: Poke-Pirate Cosplay Girl Piff by YinUkume

ManaUshuu:: "I only take points Points . I make digital chibi, traditionals headshots and chibi (sketch or line). ^^"
»Info: general link or  journals: digital and traditional commissions
»Prices: 500 points
»Examples: Nina by ManaUshuuPan ~~ with the little creature Mew by ManaUshuu

kumadi:: "Hello, I only take Points:points:. The're are chibi's to a fullbody to choose from. Thank you for looking  Q UQ)"
»Info: stash
»Prices: 500 - 730 :points:
»Examples: Miraculous LadyBug: Cat Noir by kumadiRose by kumadi

»Info: journal
»Prices: Chibi 400:points: / Half body 600:points: / Full body 950 :points:
»Examples: OC Faona chibi version by Ke-haOC Faona by Ke-ha

Nekolloco: "I am doing custom adopts~! Please buy >n<"
»Info: Click here for Commission Info!
»Prices: 50 ~ 70 points (tips are always welcome)
»Examples: Blueberry Emerald Queen Jelly-Jelly for GaySquishy by Nekolloco

kai-go: "Digital Anime/Painting Style Head Shots"
»Info: Raising points to get core membership for RP group :iconmomoville:
»Prices: 500 points per head shot (multiple purchases are optional)
»Examples: Momoville: Come Join! by kai-go, link (No BGs included)

Lizyos: " fully shaded + animated (blinking) + transparent bg icon // fully shaded + animated chubby pony // custom group icon 100 x 50"
»Info: journal, more info in commission widget on the profile
»Prices: varies from 50 to 300 points
»Examples: rainbow dash { p2u blinking pony icon . } by Lizyos chubby aria { commission . } by Lizyos

»Info: journal
»Prices: 100 to 600 points
»Examples: Anna Kyoyama by AlineSMCat and Bunny by AlineSM

NhuQuynhLy:: "Chibi Point Commission (Now having a discount) :D There are a variety of choices for you."
»Info: commission journal, discount info
»Prices: 100 to 300 points
»Examples: My Birthday Gift for My Friend - Akiko Tanaka by NhuQuynhLy

Skixzer:: "Animated pixel works, cute and adorable-ness guaranteed (^=˃ᆺ˂)"
»Info: Pixel Icon Commissions ((OPEN))
»Prices: 100 - 250 points
»Examples: [C] AngelicHellraiser to ladymidnightsolace by Skixzer[C]  ArtsyMuffin by Skixzer

»Info: journal
»Prices: 450 Points - 800Points
»Examples: Ahia James C: by silentroceKaryn C: by silentroce

poringrenger: "Detailed Chibi&Half body"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 900 Points
»Examples: Sushi Copy by poringrengerZimba by poringrenger

Yoruni: "icons, page dolls, headshots and chibi"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 80 - 650 max (points)
»Examples: PC: Aiko Icon by YoruniAT: New OC for Toki by Yoruni

Izumi-sen: "I make Chibis very quickly because they are very easy to draw, then load these commissions within a short span of time since I have been requested. For Chibi Fullbody maybe I put a little 'more time."
»Info: journal
»Prices: Chibi Portrait: 15 Points - 1 Portrait / 30 Points - 2 Portrait /40 Points - 4 Portrait /80 Points - 8 Portrait
Fullbody Chibi Pagedoll: 120 Points - Without Blinkie / 140 Points - With Blinkie
Fullbody Chibi: 250 Points - Only One Character / 270 Points - With an animal
»Examples: [Chibi Portrait] James by Izumi-sen[Chibi Portrait] Irina by Izumi-sen

Sayuri-chann: "i am making  a 'Sayuri's Cookie Art Shop'. For those who commish me will get a free cookies. Only points accepted"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 40 - 500 points (depends on type of art)

Alcheminty: "I'm currently accepting talking sprite commissions"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 25 points (per character)
»Examples: Finn the Human talking sprite *PW style ANIMATED* by AlchemintyAttorney Blue Talking Sprite:3rd person *animated* by Alcheminty

Geminine-nyan: "Hello! Now I'm also opening Point commissions... but only for Real-people portraits! You can choose from Sketch to Shaded color, and any of the art styles I can do! Like my normal style, chibi style, even Disney style! and many others! :D"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 150 - 400 points
»Examples: My Art Styles by Geminine-nyan

»Info: journal
»Prices: 8 - 15+ points
»Examples: Kylie Chibi by PurplePuffyPanda

»Info: journal
»Prices: 1000+ points
»Examples: Zagoic by sJibbi

Ai-Don: "I am open for point commissions for traditional art."
»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 200 - 400 points
»Examples: Request: Artemia's Enchantix by Ai-Don

Kitsu-Yuzurin: "I'm doing traditional and digital animanga commission"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 100 - 600+ points
»Examples: On the Moon by Kitsu-Yuzurin

»Info: journal
»Prices: 40 - 110 points
»Examples: Mugiwara Kazokudan by PATotkaca

»Info: journal
»Prices: 100 - 500 points
»Examples: Alice Madness Returns by ThisNinjaGoesMoo

»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 50 - 600 points
»Examples: Chibi Venusaur by Lawlawruu

»Info: journal
»Prices: 50 points
»Examples: Art trade by diami-mi

AdeleEevee: "Looking for people to buy my cheap and varied commissions! All prices under 10:points:. I do humans and animals. Questions? Post a comment on the journal linked."
»Info: journal
»Prices: under 10 points
»Examples: OHMAIGLOBITSKIMBERLY!!! by AdeleEevee

»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 100 - 550 points
»Examples: Drop the Bass. by o0LokiChan0o

»Info: journal
»Prices: 70 - 200 points

»Info: journal
»Prices: 10 - 150+ points
»Examples: Bronx Sisters by Tsiki10

»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 10 - 30 points
»Examples: Ichigo by ScarletValkyrie

»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 5 - 15+ points
»Examples: :REQUEST: Caramel dance by Eduardathewolf

princesscheetos: "i am doing animated pixel icon and pixel art character point commissions ^3^"
»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 100 points
»Examples: Michiyo--Chan (contest prize) by princesscheetos

:bulletyellow:money commissions:bulletyellow:

:new:Danielle-chan: "I do chibi's and full bodies, lot's of colors!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 1-3$
»Examples: Joy by Danielle-chanchibi 11th doctor by Danielle-chan

jdrainville: "From small chibi cards to full sized digital or pencil portraits!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $3 - $75
»Examples: Pipsqueak Dusty ATC - Original Art by jdrainvilleThe Red Faerie by jdrainville

Tobuchi: "Open for Commissions (OC, Fanart, Couples, or pretty much anything)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: From $10 to $40
»Examples: Boruto Naruto the Movie Fanart by TobuchiMia Redesign by Tobuchi

milliemouse579: "Amigurumi Artwork (OC Dolls, MLP, Anime, Original, Accessories)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $20 - $55+
»Examples of smallest and largest  dolls: AT: Nila by milliemouse579Champion of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon Amigurum by milliemouse579

Keira-chann: "I'm doing anime and chibi commissions! I can also do custom adopts, but I've never tried. I also have adopts open here. In case anyone`s interested ^U^"
»Info: commission info journal, personal ToS journal
»Prices: From 3$-17$+
»Example: Snowy Owl (CLOSED) by Keira-channElegance by Keira-chann

hiro150106: "Chibi, Simple Color, Character, illustration."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 30 - 300 USD
»Example: Hestia [OPEN] by hiro150106Novel Cover : The Wizard's Loli by hiro150106

COOKIEdotNET: "Chibi, kemonomimi, gijinkas, OCs, fanart, humans/humanoids"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $8 - $40 USD
»Example: Yagen sensei by COOKIEdotNETStrange Juice by COOKIEdotNET

Nekowy: "I'm open with PONY COMMISSIONS(Because I think the people I do aren't good enough, but if you like the anime characters I make, send me a note and we'll see the prices :3"
»Info: journal and their website
»Prices: "I ONLY ACCEPT BY PAYPAL! $5 - $20 *with one character*"
»Example: Miku Pony - Fullcolor Sketch [''Commission''] by NekowyPinkie Pie (Sketch) - Party! [''Commission''] by Nekowy

Melonie-Moon: "I am currently doing digital Head and chibi sketches for $10 each. They just won't be colored or Inked like [the examples]. ^w^"
»Prices: from $10
»Example: Billy Bum: Partay! Woohoo! by Melonie-MoonElros The Wild Elf by Melonie-Moon

KoRe-MiChI: "Only Chibi  -OPEN-"
»Info: journal
»Prices: "you provide the amount of money you want to give me a commissions (Paypal only)"
»Example: Paypal commissions jhon-arts by KoRe-MiChIDenuki PC by KoRe-MiChI

PerfectPinkWater: "Chibi, full body, groups, comic, writing"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5-$15 (Paypal only)
»Example: 2014 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 4 by PerfectPinkWaterMy Little Mother 3: Friendship is Psychic by PerfectPinkWater

arisa-chibara: "Chibis, Full Body, Half Body fanart or oc."
»Info: journal
»Prices: $25+ (paypal only)
»Example: Goldfish and Sakura by arisa-chibaraMiku Keychain Sample (UPDATE) by arisa-chibara

ohitsdoodledreamer: "Chibi works, full body :-)"
»Info: "send me a note with references if you are interested :-)"
»Prices: $5-$6 each
»Example: Little sis with Piggy Butler! by ohitsdoodledreamerPiggy Butler Cosplays! by ohitsdoodledreamer

Coniglia-von-Karamel: "Various tipes or art. Just money commissions. Any commissioner who mention the commission could have a 25% to 35% discount in the final price : )"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5 USD to $30 USD
»Example: Full simple painting sample by Coniglia-von-KaramelFull coloring body sample by Coniglia-von-Karamel

little-soka: "animated pixel dolls and icons!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5 - $15
»Example: naga boy pixel (click for full view!) by little-sokaCentaur pixel (click for full view!) by little-soka

e-no91: "I draw traditionally from chibis to portraits. I even make cards and bookmarks~"
»Info: journal
»Prices: Using PayPal -> RM15(4.5USD), RM20(6USD), RM25(7.6USD), RM30(9.1USD), bookmarks/cards(RM3-10 @ 1-3USD)
»Examples: Happy Birthday INORAN! by e-no91 Portrait Practice - LUNA SEA by e-no91

CeresArt: "Yoyo, I'm doing Chibi, Waist up and Full body (Paypal) commissions."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5 - 25€ / 6.82 - 34.10 USD
»Examples: :thumb454028486:

»Info: journal
»Prices: 2 - 15 USD
»Examples: .:Fyra:. by EternallyEtherealOne With Royalty by EternallyEthereal

»Info: journal
»Prices: 10 - 25$+
»Examples: Contest Entry: Lena by AsahinaX

Sarsie: "I make needle felted figures, keychains, magnets, pins/brooches and bookmarks to a very high quality at very affordable prices! And here's a link to my Etsy site where you can check out the rest of my stock, and my customer reviews; I also ship worldwide."
»Info: basic pricing list, Etsy site
»Prices: 5 - 72€
»Examples: Needle Felt Hedwig Magnet Wearing Hogwarts Scarf by SarsieOOAK Rise of the Guardians Sandman Needle Felt by Sarsie

meru90: "chibi (couple) commision open here   \(^o^)/"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 15$+
»Examples: 21032014 by meru90

tania-castillo: "Hi! I'm doing pet's commision and chibi pets comissions, all in watercolors."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 15 - 95+ USD
»Examples: Cuchita by tania-castilloAmarillo by tania-castillo

BlackOutDoll: "Open for any custom requests. I make clay jewelry, charms, keychains, deco den boxes, pixel perler bead, custom shoes, phone cases, etc. Money commissions only."
»Info: Etsy shop

muffinthehamster11: "I sell handmade crafts and ship them right to your house! I ship internationally!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 2 - 5+ USD
»Examples: Commission- wolfpaw-z by muffinthehamster11

Pwyllo: "I make cute, adorable plushies... [below] are some examples of my latest work"
»Info: journal
»Examples: Valentine Kittens by Pwyllo

»Info: journal
»Prices: 20 - 130£+
»Examples: Toothless Twins by nightelfy

»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 6 - 18$

»Info: journal
»Prices: 25 - 35$+
»Examples: Miku by TheSmall-Stuff

»Info: My Little Pony plush commissions
»Prices: 200 - 260$+
»Examples: Applejack 2 by Zorza-6

CreaturesofNat: "I'm taking commissions of poseable art dolls."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 200$+
»Examples: SOLD Natsu the summer caribou poseable doll! by CreaturesofNat

»Info: journal
»Prices: 3 - 16 USD
»Examples: color pencils by husaria-chan

»Info: commission price sheet
»Prices: 3 - 23$
»Examples: Destiny and Tiny by kyrathehegdehog

»Info: journal
»Prices: 15+ USD
»Examples: SailorVenus by mjoyart

»Info: journal
»Prices: 1.5 - 55$+

VenusRain: "I draw both traditionally and digitally, and offer commissions for a wide range of things, including animations. Feel free to approach me about commissioning any subject not explicitly forbidden in my commission info."
»Info: journal
»Prices:  5.00 - 75.00+ USD
»Examples: Orz Captain by VenusRain Aleksand of Puelath by VenusRain

»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 5 - 30$
»Examples: :thumb392141510:

»Info: pony plushie commissions
»Prices: 80 - 350$+
»Examples: Scootaloo Commission by Gypmina

»Info: journal
»Prices: 4 - 6+USD
»Examples: -Miss Money I.S. Innocent- by Y-i-z-e

»Info: mini clay sculpture commissions
»Prices: 10 - 14$

»Info: journal
»Prices: 4 - 12+ USD
»Examples: Pokemon XY: My Team by TheBlueberryBlanket

»Info: chibi commissions
»Prices: 5$+
»Examples: Commission: L a y l a . E v e r d r e a m by BeagleCakes

»Info: chibi style commissions
»Prices: 3 - 13$
»Examples: Divine-Illuminance RL Commission by twiichii

»Info: journal
»Prices: 4 - 15$+
»Examples: Kairi by HappySmileGear

»Info: little amigurumi doll commissions
»Prices: 7$+
»Examples: Zuzu by Mayu-96

»Info: amigurumi commissions
»Prices: 15 - 200 USD
»Examples: Flutterplushie by MasterPlanner

»Info: journal
»Prices: 60+ USD
»Examples: Halloween Witch by Gwydionland

»Info: clay charms and drawing commissions
»Prices: 3 - 70 CAD
»Examples: May Masha ko by SeangelSaph

Nashiil: "am taking cute food commissions for a $10 flat fee and it includes t-shirt graphics, group icons, and avatars."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 10 USD
»Examples: Fried Tofu 2 by Nashiil

:bulletpink:points and money commissions:bulletpink:

:new:OrnellaArts: "I draw anime style, semi realistic or realistic animal drawings (using reference sheets or real photos of your pet)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 500 points <   Or Paypal
»Examples: Husky portrait by OrnellaArtsSilver by OrnellaArts

yifeifei: "Hello everyone! I am accepting commissions to help me pay for my trip to Japan next year after I graduate high school. I have already save up about half of my money from working, but I still need help with paying for my plane ticket, accomodations, etc. Even just a favorite or a comment would make my day. "
»Info: journal
»Prices: $4USD to $20USD or 400 points to 2000 points
»Examples: Early Morning doodle~ by yifeifeiInktober #2: Elleanor by yifeifei

Rimiki-Chan: "Pixel Commissions"
»Info: Pixel Commissions 3/5 Slots Left![OPEN]
»Prices: $4/400 points
»Examples: OCs Pixel Icon Batch by Rimiki-Chan

Rimiki-Chan: "Chibi Commissions! Reserve a slot today C:"
»Info: Chibi Commissions 2/5 Slots Left! [Semi-Open]
»Prices: $2/200 points - $10/1000 points
»Examples: T: sleepypandie by Rimiki-ChanT:  sakuraGx4nina by Rimiki-Chan

julibun: "Chibis and Chibis and more Chibis ;w; "
»Info: Chibi Commissions [OPEN]
»Prices: 600 points or $6 / also open to trades ;u;
»Example: Chibi Elizabeth by julibun

heidi-rodis: "Cheap $3-$13 and PAY WHAT YOU WANT"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $3, $8 and $13 (or equivalent in points) and PWYW
»Example: Contest Prize for Revois: Aurelie Bust by heidi-rodisFanart Friday: Isana Yashiro aka the Silver King by heidi-rodis

KheilaHirai: "Anime Style Commissions (OC & FanArt)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 8€ to 20€ / 900 to 2200 Points
»Example: [Owari no Seraph] Krul Tepes + Speedpaint by KheilaHiraiAika - Headphones + Speedpaint by KheilaHirai

»Prices: $5/500 points - $10/1000 points
»Example: Mirabelle by cherrychow[SOS] Cheeb Haneul by cherrychow

MinorasPatchworkArt: "Traditional art Focus on pop art, semi realism and Big eye art, but feel free to ask me about any style. I draw humanoids, anthro and do humanization"
»Info: journal and profile
»Prices: 100points/$1 to 400pts/$4 (prices vary on special requests)
»Example: Cardinal Bodysuit by MinorasPatchworkArt Opal's Moon by MinorasPatchworkArt "I do colored as well"

Chee-boo: "chibi, people (headshot, half body, body), sketches and colored sketches too!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 50-350 :points: (but I can accept PayPal, with 1$ = 100 :points:)
»Example: C: (FNAF) Ricky and Cherry for zetsumeishonen by Chee-booC: Sailor Moon Sketch for garden-fairy by Chee-boo

kangda-nim: " I offer affordable chibis! I also do pixel aquariums like my icon, and my main job is digital painting~"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 250++ points (Paypal is also ok)
»Example: NO PROBLEM! by kangda-nim

Silver-Solace: "Chibi's and regular sized people, anime style, detailed or simple, sketched or colored."
»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 250 - 850 points (Paypal also accepted)
»Example: COMM: Chibi DDD Riku by Silver-SolaceStrawberry by Silver-Solace

xYum-Yumx: "I mainly do girls with a cute looking style. "
»Info: journal
»Prices: 14 - 40 USD / 1400 - 4000 points (prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the order)
»Example: C: MintzTea by xYum-YumxC: MintzTea by xYum-Yumx

Akai-Len: "Open for pixel icon and cheeb atm, but if you found another things in my gallery that you want to commish, feel free to ask ^^"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 300 - 1250 points || 3$ - 12.5$
»Example: AT with K-Kouhai by Akai-LenAT with Momoii by Akai-Len

Nissanote: "i draw everything, from chibis to mecha. you can commish me both by money or points!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5- 10 USD / 500 - 1000 points
»Example: Poketrainer Gumi! by Nissanote

Melisu: "Animated chibi icons"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $3 or 300 points
»Example: Brave Frontier Elza Peeper Icon by MelisuCOMM: Peeper Icons for GlitterBell by Melisu

Cherrywind101: "I do Art and Writing Commissions!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: "70-370 Points or Money amount. May cost more depending on commission type."
»Example: WIshlist Gift 2014: Absynthe by Cherrywind101 Point Comm: Confession.    -This is a story for a Ike X OC. This is set in the Fire Emblem universe.-
     Ever have that feeling of being lost? Not knowing where you are going? Ike and Kenna found themselves in that situation. They has just finished a very tough mission. Exhaustion had started to eat at both of them. Who know taking on four mages would be that difficult? Ike decided the two of them should rest before it hits nightfall.
    Not much conversation was shown between them. Kenna was way to shy to speak up to Ike. After all, she had that crush on him for the longest time now. Ike, on the other hand, was not shy. He is passionate about the work that he does. Kenna just watched from the sideline as she saw him training. She just sighed to herself.
    "Ike are you not tired from that work we just did? I think you should rest a bit longer than five minutes. I can even tell that your body can not take much more than it already has." Ike then shakes his head

kuroeko: "Point and Paypal comissions, always cute! Can be used as pagedolls or icons"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $3/30 points +
»Example: Flower Wreaths by kuroekoValentine's Outfits by kuroeko

TaSaMaBi: "I do Chibis, Headshots, Halfbodys, Chibi Animals, MLP, Chibi Fantasy Artworks, Pokemon, I draw Girls and Boys. xD I do Digital and Traditional"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 1 - max 1000 Points
»Example: Contest Entry 3 for by TaSaMaBiGabriel Birthday Gift for by TaSaMaBi (more examples on the linked journal)

Celesstia: "I take :points: and PayPal commissions ^w^"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 10$-15$ (for a chibi)
»Example: Kitty Maguire {Speedpaint} by CelesstiaGhost princess [Speedpaint] by Celesstia

kirawong: "1st Time doing Commissions! Points and Paypal OK"
»Info: journal
»Prices: Ranging from S$1.00 ~ S$2.50 (paypal) OR 100 :points: ~ 250 :points:  *note that prices might change so apply quick!*
»Example: Wasabi San's Mini Parade by kirawongOreo @ Talkspace by kirawong

pyui: "I do anime traditional styled commissions<3"
»Info: forum
»Prices: 50 pts - 100 pts (but i accept cash too)

iikuzo: "Pixel Art"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $2 / 200 :points: - $10 / 1000 :points:
»Examples: AT-SnakeGirls by iikuzoMomoiro-chu Raffle Prize by iikuzo

MyuOneeChan: "All kinds of Anime and animal commissions"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $2 / 200 :points: - $10 / 1000 :points:
»Examples: Mimi by MyuOneeChanArttrade - Dragie by MyuOneeChan

»Info: journal
»Prices: $6.50 or 650 points
»Examples: pixel icon for my friends by DRabbitzmy oc's icon : Feather by DRabbitz

KFoxDoodles: "Hi, I accept both points and money commissions."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5$+ / 400+ points / 3£
»Examples: Chibi Adopts [OPEN] by KFoxDoodles

»Info: commission info
»Prices: 10 - 15$+ / 1000 - 1500+ points
»Examples: Nyan by Spooktastical

»Info: journal
»Prices: 15 - 50€ / 1680 - 5520 points
»Examples: Nice to sweet you by Fucal

NoizRnel: "I'm a digital artist that draws anime-style, human and animal chibis, customs, and pixel icons"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 1.50 - 15$+ / 150 - 1500+ points
»Examples: Adopt Extra: Pixel Devil by NoizRnel

usakumame: "points and money commission is now open :>"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 1 - 50+ USD / 100 - 5000+ points
»Examples: [Contest] Gina and yuki by usakumame

starnova63: "I specialize in coloring"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 3 - 5$ / 300 - 500 points
»Examples: Little Faeries  Color Version by starnova63

bayobayo: "I do both points and money commissions that go as low as 20 :points: or $2. :)"
»Info: stash
»Prices: 2 - 15$ / 20 - 150 points
»Examples: I Put A Flower In Your Hair by bayobayo

CitricLily: "I do Pixel Icons and Avatars (Points and PayPal accepted :3)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 2 - 10$ / 160 - 800 points
»Examples: Mimily by CitricLilyKitty Kisses Avatar by CitricLily

»Info: journal
»Prices: 130 - 1050 points / 1.30 - 10$
»Examples: One Who Came Back by Kristaletti

»Info: journal
»Prices: 2 - 5$ / 20 - 150 points
»Examples: Bottle Miku by srcpcsoha

CupcakeyKitten: "I do short and long poems; short stories; full and tiled desktop, phone, ipod and mobile wallpapers; animated and static pixel art; animated and static avatars; stamps and more. I will always at least try make what you request. If I have to use a base, you will get it for free! I only take requests and commissions from watchers."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 400 - 800 points / 5 - 10 USD
»Examples: Daydreamer Journal Skin by CupcakeyKitten

Mikriluna: "I'm currently offering cheap commissions. Prices range from $5-$18 from Chibi to fullbody. You can also pay the equivalent in points! Look! Look!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5 - 18$+ / 400 - 1440+ points
»Examples: Oishi Spill by Mikriluna

»Info: journal
»Prices: 8 - 30+ points
»Examples: :PC: Cherry by Rainbow-Moose

lazy-Time: "anime stlye ( sfw and nsfw )"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5 - 10 USD and 500 - 1000 points
»Examples: Point Commission : OC Tess the Test Doll by lazy-TimeSplatoon  Fanart blinking eyes animation wip by lazy-Time

aillia: "I'm doing point commissions for 3d modeling, photomanipulations and character design."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 3.35 - 22.37€+, 450 - 300+ points
»Examples: Keiran_Kiriban 10,100 by aillia

:bulletblue:unsorted commissions:bulletblue:

EmisBakery: "I make food charms/jewelry/miniatures from polymerclay and I really want to start selling, anyone who is interested can note me."

DarlingArmy is always open for commissions for custom cosplay aprons and pinafores!


Have a nice day!
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