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Kawaii-World Rules & Help~~


:reading:GROUP RULES :reading:

:bulletwhite: To join the group, you must be at least a few weeks on deviantart and have at least 5 deviations in your gallery which were made by YOU. We want to prevent art thieves joining the group. Thank you for your understanding!
-> If you've made a new account and want to rejoin the group, you can give us the link to your old account BUT you have to write on your old account that you've made a new account. :)

:bulletyellow: After you clicked the "Join the Group"-button, you have to wait a few hours or days for acceptance. We will check your profiles carefully and then decide.

:bulletorange: To submit art: First, join the group, then click on 'Gallery' and then click 'contribute art' or 'Submit to this Gallery -> Contribute an Existing Deviation' (to choose it from your own gallery) at the top of the page. =D You can now submit your art, please submit to the correct folder!

:bulletred: What we accept: This is a group for lovers of all cute/kawaii things. That means we welcome any cute, adorable, sweet, fluffy, pretty, sparkly submissions. Pretty much anything that makes you go "awww!"

:star: What we don't accept:
1) No sexually provocative/explicit, nude images and images with blood!
2) No pics which make you "creep out" or scare you.
3) No pics with drugs (cigarette (smoking) and so on) and alcohol.
4) Yaoi, yuri and anything like that are also not allowed (pics which are far off cuteness and which are maybe cute but more sexual, this applies to both heterosexual and non-heterosexual) - we don't want to sound offensive but we're afraid there's no "softer" way to express it, please don't take it amiss.
5) No pics containing Nazis/Nazi-signs (c'mon, we don't need that stuff and it's also offensive against Germans and we all know that not every German is a Nazi, right?), hate sermons, bad things against any religion (like: muslim = terrorist) and pics which are satirizing religions and/or their prophets like Jesus Christ or Mohammed.
6) No offensive language! Please, we're a "childish and innocent" group!
These will not be accepted and will result in a ban from the group if submitted

:star: Don't submit any stolen artwork!! Really!!! If anyone of you discovers a stolen artwork with the link to the original artwork (proof) please tell us, so that we can remove the stolen artwork from the group, report the deviation/deviant and block him/her from the group. :star:

:star:Also, we don't accept blogs and journals. If you want to spread the word about a contest or other things, please note us!:star:

:bulletpink: Your submissions will be reviewed by the founder/co-founder/contributor and go through a voting process. It will be confirmed/declined within 1 week.

:bulletpurple: If your art is declined for whatever reason and you would like to know why, please note the founder of the group and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

:bulletblue: Types of art that can be submitted into following folders: Animals, Animation - Flash - Games, Bases, Buttons - Badges, Christmas, Comics, Cosplay, Easter, Digital Art, Digital Fanart, Fashion, Figures - PVC, Food, Halloween, Handmade Crafts, Journals - Buttons - Brushes - etc., Line Art - Sketches - Memes, Literature - Texts, Miscellaneous - Mixed Media, Nature - Landscapes, Papercraft - Folding, Photography, Photo Manipulation, Pixel Art, Plushies - Amigurumi, Products, Songs, Stamps, Stationery - Calendar - Wallpaper, T-Shirt Graphics etc., The "UNSURE" Folder, Traditional Art, Traditional Fanart, Tutorials, Valentines Day.

:bulletgreen: There is a limit on submissions, only 2 deviations per day.

:gallery: FOLDER RULES :gallery:

:bulletwhite: Featured: You may not submit here
:bulletyellow: Animals: Please submit only photos of real animals i.e. your pet puppy, bunny, kitty, etc. Please do not submit traditional or digital pieces of animals here. Those belong in the traditional and digital folders.
:bulletorange: Animation-Flash-Games: Your animations, flash, games (of course) only, digital and traditional (animation) accepted
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletpink: Buttons: Digital, traditional and photography accepted.
:bulletpurple: Christmas: Christmas related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletblue: Comics: Your comic strips only, digital and traditional accepted.
:bulletgreen: Cosplay: Photos of Cosplay, items made for cosplay i.e. dresses, shirts etc.
:bulletblack: Contest: Contest entries.
:bulletwhite: Digital Art: Forms of digital art (things made on the computer, i.e. paint tool sai, photoshop, gimp etc.) accepted here, i.e. digital paintings of your OC made on Paint Tool Sai, a digital painting of yourself made in photoshop etc. This includes pictures of animals and cute food with faces, bunny girls/itty girls DRAWN and made in a digital program. Please do not submit digitally created fanart in this folder.
:bulletyellow: Digital Fanart: Digitally drawn deviations that are not of your own characters i.e. A picture of Zelda drawn in gimp, a picture of Naruto drawn in Sai etc.
:bulletorange: Easter: Easter related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletred: Fashion: This is different from the Cosplay section- This is just for general use handbags, shirts, skirts, maybe even shoes that you made for everyday life and not made to imitate a character (a.k.a. not something you would wear to dress up to go trick or treating at Halloween).
:bulletpink: Figures - PVC Self explanatory. :)
:bulletpurple: Food: This is for photos of real food only. This includes cakes, cupcakes, cookies that you have baked in an oven, or anything else that can be eaten in real life. This does not include digitally/traditionally drawn food, that does in the traditional/digital folder.
:bulletblue: Halloween: Halloween related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletgreen: Handmade crafts: This is for things you have made such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. This does not include hats you have made- that would go in fashion/accessories (confusing, I know, but hang in there!) and plushies go in the plushies folder!
:bulletblack: Journal Skins - Buttons - Brushes etc. Digital (for internet usage only).
:bulletwhite: Line Art - Sketches - Memes: Anything maybe unfinished, WIP, memes you would like to submit. Digital and traditional accepted.
:bulletyellow: Literature - Texts: Poetry - self explanatory :).
:bulletorange: Miscellaneous - Mixed Media: This is for mixed media i.e. traditionally drawn characters with a digital background, traditionally drawn picture with digital brushes etc.
:bulletpink: Nature - Landscapes: This is for flowers, plants, trees, clouds, etc.
:bulletpurple: Papercraft- Folding: Paper stars, paper cut outs, paper children, etc. Traditional only, since that's the only option you really have. haha^^
:bulletblue: Photography: Most pictures besides what is mentioned above (food, animals, nature, etc.). Maybe a picture of your favorite stuffed animal, maybe a picture of your cute baby cousin, or a cute girl
:bulletgreen: Photo Manipulation: Self explanatory.
:bulletblack: Pixel Art: Also self explanatory.
:bulletwhite:Plushies - Amigurumi: Plushies or Amigurumi you yourself have made.
:bulletyellow: Products: Anything you wish to sell! Necklaces, charms, plushies... basically this folder overrules any other folders if you wish to sell.. whatever you are selling.
:bulletgreen: Screenshots: Self explanatory.
:bulletorange: Songs: GIF's, Flashes or images including songs in it.
:bulletred: Stamps: Again, self explanatory.
:bulletpink: Stationery - Calendar - Wallpaper: Self explanatory. :)
:bulletpurple: T-Shirt Graphics etc.: Digital Graphics like shirts, bags etc.
:bulletblue: The "UNSURE" Folder: If you're not sure what category your deviation falls into, submit it here and we'll redirect you.
:bulletgreen: Traditional Art: For all traditional art (painting, pencil works, colored pencil, markers etc.) besides fan art. This includes traditionally drawn pictures of animals and food.
:bulletblack: Traditional Fanart: Art that is not of your character, i.e. Madoka Magica drawing made with colored pencils, Full Metal Alchemist painting made with oil paints, etc.
:bulletwhite: Tutorials: Once again, self explanatory.
:bulletyellow: Valentines Day: Valentines Day related art - digital and traditional.
:bulletorange: Well, that's that folks! Please join the group and have fun! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

:helpdesk: :star:Help:star: :helpdesk:

The nightmare of many deviants - a filled inbox! :fear:

Don't know how to fix this problem? You think leaving the group is the only way to stop this nightmare? :sniff: :saddummy:

- You're wrong!^^
:shocked: :wow:

Raindroppu has made 2 Tutorials only for you guys, showing how to stop receiving messages. :ohmygod:
Check them out here:… or… :hooray: :boogie: :happybounce: :squee:

Do you have any problems? :confused: Do you need help or just want to ask or suggest something? :cuddle: Please contact us!~~

Your Kawaii-World -Team~~ :community:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3


Hello everyone~  :wave: by KlauS92

This journal will keep track of current contests of our members or affiliates! Other group's and people's contests can be advertised here, too. If you want to promote your contest, write a comment on this journal or note the group or me, I will add your contest to this journal. (The contests are sorted by deadline.)

If you do commissions and want to be added onto our list, leave a comment on this journal (not on our profile page please) or note the group or me. (It's only for members of Kawaii-World, otherwise this journal would be too long. If the link to your commissions doesn't exist anymore, I will take you down from the list.)

(A description to your contest or commission is always good. If there is no description, I'll simply add the link. And if you find any mistakes/wrong info, don't be afraid to correct me. :) )

:bulletgreen:Contests of our Members (1)
:bulletblue:Contests of Affiliates (0)
:bulletpink:Contests of other Poeple (1)
:bulletorange:Contests of other Groups (0)
:bulletpurple:Commissioners (131)
- point commissions (48, 1 new)
- money commissions (49)
- points and money commissions (31)
- unsorted commissions (6, 1 new)


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of our MembersFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:bulletgreen:AngelicLight100 is having a kiriban contest at 10,000.


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of AffiliatesFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre



Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of other PeopleFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:bulletpink:Cynical-Pancake's friend is having a contest. She's contributing to the prizes.
(Deadline: Apr 30th)


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of other GroupsFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre



Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCommissionersFlower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

(It could be that some of the people on this list aren't doing commissions anymore or changed them because I can't keep track of every person/link. All links checked the last time: 20th Mar 2014)

:bulletgreen:point commissions:bulletgreen:

»AriianiitahX3 is doing point commissions and MLP point commissions!

»clgtart is doing digital point commissions! (price: 300-1200 pts)

»princesscheetos: "i am doing animated pixel icon and pixel art character point commissions, the information is on my profile ^3^"

»Pbjamjam: "commissions on my profile page ~~ Chibis and Bust shots! "

»Dark-Infamous: "I'm doing point comissions. I draw anime style humans and the info is on my page <3"

»Eduardathewolf (info on profile page)

»MiftahulKrm: "I open cheap point commissions owo"

»Daylijah (info on profile page)

»manaphy6083 (info on profile page)

»AtivaChan -->…

»Tsiki10 -->…

»WolfStrawberryEater --> wolfstrawberryeater.deviantart…

»MsLiuvar (info on profile page)

»Iguky-Neky -->…

»blobs342 -->…

»Fireninjastar (info on profile page)

»o0LokiChan0o (info on their page)

»AdeleEevee: "Looking for people to buy my cheap and varied commissions! All prices under 10:points:. I do humans and animals. Questions? Post a comment on the journal linked."

»diami-mi -->…

»LizEsPencil: "I offer a variety of styles for very low prices. I can do Sonic the Hedgehog style, People, My Little Pony style, and Anthro style. I'm willing to try anything!"

»Lawlawruu (info on profile page)

»BijouBlue -->…

»ThisNinjaGoesMoo -->…

»Katzen-Key -->…

»PATotkaca -->…

»ghostgirl1245 just started commissions. (info on profile page)

»Kitsu-Yuzurin: "I'm doing traditional and digital animanga commission"

»Ai-Don: "I am open for point commissions for traditional art." (info on profile page)

»Miyeong: "I'm doing points commission. digital chibis , icons. Info"

»ichigo-pasuteru -->…

»Fucal -->…

»IzumiKonaKona: "[I'm] doing Point Commissions. Digital or Traditional. Request your favourite anime character! Prices start from 100 Points and up."

»Kooliokat: "super cheat commissions"

»lovelylittletapioca --> lovelylittletapioca.deviantart…

»YinUkume: "Hi everyone! I'm doing very varied point commisions, from all sorts of drawings and paintings to crafts, prices vary from 40-300 points! Please come take a look :D also open for art trades. Link to the journal explaining everything"

»StudioIJB -->

»Kuro-No-Demon: "I've opened up money and point commissions to raise funds for a new tablet" (info on profile page)

»TurquoiseWolfStar7 --> turquoisewolfstar7.deviantart.…

»dathie -->…

»Luuumi-k -->…

»EpicBloom: "Point commissions from 20-25 points, Info: [here]"

»Geni-chan: "I'm doing point commissions for reader inserts."

»Blasianeko (info on profile page)

»PurplePuffyPanda -->…

»Danyan-kun -->…

»moochiiz: "if anyone is interested in chibi commissions come look here! ;v;"

»PinkyChann --> info on profile page

:new:»xokykiexo: "I'm doing point commissions ^ ^ Here is my commissions info and you can check my gallery to see what I can draw :3"

:bulletyellow:money commissions:bulletyellow:

»Nashiil: "am taking cute food commissions for a $10 flat fee and it includes t-shirt graphics, group icons, and avatars."

»SeangelSaph does clay charms and drawing commissions.

»Gwydionland -->…

»MasterPlanner makes amigurumis.

»Mayu-96 makes little amigurumi dolls.

»HappySmileGear -->…

»twiichii: "$3-13 - 6 Digital Chibi Styles, $1-5 - Custom Chibi/Design Stickers."

»BeagleCakes --> $4 commissions and $5 chibi commissions

»TheBlueberryBlanket: "Starting at $4"

»Yuki-Namida: "I take Paypal chibi commissions"

»tatiilange -->…

»Oh-My-Deer -->…

»SprinkleChick is doing mini clay sculpture commissions!

»Y-i-z-e -->…

»Gypmina makes pony plushies!

»Stacy-L-Gage (info on profile page)

»VenusRain -->…

»CIC-Studios -->…

»DJSkyeBlue -->…

»Soseolart -->…

»helencung -->…

»mjoyart -->…

»kyrathehegdehog -->…

»Chibbur -->…

»husaria-chan -->…

»Bostonology -->…

»CreaturesofNat: "I'm taking commissions of poseable art dolls."

»Zorza-6: "I do plush My Little Pony"

»TheSmall-Stuff -->…

»Meshoo-Chan -->…

»SaraSaeed95 -->…

»CodeineRx -->…

»izumi07 --> info on profile page

»cherripuff: "just headshots and chibis for now =w="

»Zombiekinz: "I have chibi commissions <3"

»nightelfy -->…

»Hitswi is doing cheap chibi commissions.

»LittleOcean -->…

»Pwyllo: "currently open for commissions! I make cute, adorable plushies... here are some examples of my latest work"

»ShenaniBOOM: "I do semi-realistic, manga styled commissions! If you have an existing OC that you want me to draw, want me to desgin an OC for you, or want to know what YOU look like in manga style, I'm your girl ^^ I also do chibis! Here's my journals if you're interested... This one is for OCs. This one is for drawing real people in manga style. I only accept paypal."

»muffinthehamster11: "I sell handmade crafts and ship them right to your house! I ship internationally!"

»BlackOutDoll: "Open for any custom requests. I make clay jewelry, charms, keychains, deco den boxes, pixel perler bead, custom shoes, phone cases, etc. Money commissions only."

»tania-castillo: "Hi! I'm doing pet's commision and chibi pets comissions, all in watercolors. More info here."

»Airidesi: "i'm currently having commissions opened this month :)"

»GeminineIllustration: "I'm offering only digital drawing at the moment, but I'm willing to do almost anything you want! I like specially making characters (OCs, Fan Arts, Canon characters): expressions, situations, design and specially character reference sheets! I'm also offering fashion design drawings! :D geminineillustration.deviantar…"

»intoxifiedvanity -->…

»ZwesomeRachel: "I'm currently having commission available~ I'm just doing traditional media at the moment to prismacolor drawings!"

»meru90: "chibi (couple) commision open here   \(^o^)/"

»Sarsie: "I make needle felted figures, keychains, magnets, pins/brooches and bookmarks to a very high quality at very affordable prices!
Here's a link to my basic pricing list; And here's a link to my Etsy site where you can check out the rest of my stock, and my customer reviews; I also ship worldwide."

:bulletpink:points and money commissions:bulletpink:

»aillia: "I'm doing point commissions for 3d modeling, photomanipulations and character design."

»ABlueLotusDesigns: "I make hats, amigurumis, accesories, and basically anything else crocheted. I accept both real money and DeviantART points."

»SilverChaim -->…

»lazy-Time -->…

»Megumi-Kawairashii (info on their page)

»ryanii -->…

»Rainbow-Moose -->…

»Mikriluna: "I'm currently offering cheap commissions. Prices range from $5-$18 from Chibi to fullbody. You can also pay the equivalent in points! Look! Look! Look here for more info."

»cupcakekitten20: "I do short and long poems; short stories; full and tiled desktop, phone, ipod and mobile wallpapers; animated and static pixel art; animated and static avatars; stamps and more. I will always at least try make what you request. If I have to use a base, you will get it for free! I only take requests and commissions from watchers."

»srcpcsoha -->…

»Kearrice -->…

»puroii: "I do anime-style digital arts for fair prices! I accept both Paypal and Points c:"

»SakuraTenshi101: "[The commissions] start as low as $3 (or point equivalent for chibi commissions) and all money will go towards a bigger tablet for my university art classes. =)"

»RaelXArts: "I'm doing paypal and points commissions info on paypal commissions can be found here for point commission check my page"

»LadyUkitake does plush doll commissions.

»CitricLily: "I do Pixel Icons and Avatars (Points and PayPal accepted :3)"

»Deidaraslittlebird --> deidaraslittlebird.deviantart.…

»kthelimit -->…

»bunnymonstur: "i accept points and paypal c:"

»MinorasPatchworkArt --> minoraspatchworkart.deviantart…

»bayobayo: "I do both points and money commissions that go as low as 20 :points: or $2. :) Here is my info."

»starnova63: "I specialize in coloring"

»Kojiubear: "I accept both points and paypal, I do chibis, reference sheets and pixels"

»Gardd -->…

»usakumame: "points and money commission is now open :>"

»Pich-Hana: "Im doing both points and money commissions, All the info is just on my page!"

»dathie -->…

»theNekk -->…

»NoizRnel: "I'm a digital artist that draws anime-style, human and animal chibis, customs, and pixel icons…"

»jump2537: "I open cute pixel commission. 'w' /"

»SolitaryEssence: "I offer chibi Pokémon and animals, as well as Pokémon pixel icons and tattoo designs." (info here)

:bulletblue:unsorted commissions:bulletblue:

»DarlingArmy is always open for commissions for custom cosplay aprons and pinafores!

»Vayliya: "I am currently taking custom jewelry (normal wear, steampunk, formal) as well as custom cosplay jewelry commissions. I also make kanzashi hair pieces. My husband and I are building cosplay swords and as soon as our worbla gets in we will have a Master Sword. Last if needed I will take custom art commissions. Pixels mainly but can be talked into pencil work and water colors.  - link to my jewelry work - link to doll work - link to pixel work.
I also can do watercolors though most were lost after the tornado a friend still had one and sent me the picture when he found it"

»Fraise-Bonbon: "I make polymerclay accessories :D and the costume order policies can be found on my online kawaii store yay!"

»EmisBakery: "I make food charms/jewelry/miniatures from polymerclay and I really want to start selling, anyone who is interested can note me."

»Nanayuki: "I'm doing a 12 slot commission thing. The price for one slot is a one month subscription for my DA :meow:"

:new:»Prawlette: "I'm doing free traditional sketches. Commissions available."


Have a nice day!
LiaLilie                  :iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividergreenplz:
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