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Dear lovely members,

guess who's back from vacation??? :iconimhappyplz:
I missed you all soo badly! :tighthug:
I'm happy to be back and announce you something special today! *.*

I want to thank all of you for making it possible to grow more and more as a group and being a strong and active community! I can't believe it! We have already reached 10.000 members and we're still growing! Thank you! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I don't know what to say, you all made me uber-happy. :iconawwwplz:

Before I founded the group, I was a member and contributor of some groups. I saw that some deviants were sad because some of the groups they submitted their artwork to declined their work because of low quality. When I read their comments, it made me sad, too. I thought: Why do they do that? Their art is not even that bad! They deserve a chance! But what could I do? I had the idea of founding a group. Believe me, making up a name wasn't that easy. I love Japan but I'm not a wee-a-boo (or how do you call them). I wanted to mix two words from different languages and combine them to something special. And then Kawaii-World came to my mind! After the group was activated, I was a little helpless. I thought that I couldn't do it and it's not possible to be as good and big as other groups. But everything starts with a small step! I found :iconpuccanoodles2009: by chance and she helped me out of the "group-admin-jungle". Thank you so much, my dear friend!
After we did some settings and opened new folders for the gallery, the first members started to join. I was sad about some deviants declining my request to join but it's okay 'cause without an icon, the group's a nobody, right? But who helped me out of being a nobody? Yes, it's the adorable :iconminty-kitty-art:! You can't imagine how happy I was, when she made the icon for the group. Thank you so much, Minty-Kitty, you saved me! :D
Then, the group got an image and more and more members started to join the group. After I met my dear friend :iconlialilie:, my life was complete! I can't imagine life without her. She helped me out with everything. Maybe without her help, I wouldn't be where where I am right now. Thank you sooo much, Lia! :huggle:
The main idea of this group is to submit cute childish things like products, handmade stuff, photography, digital/traditional artworks and so on. BUT without blood, nudity, etc. because I want this group to stay "childish and innocent". You know how it is, if you see the world in children's eyes. I want it to be like that. Sometimes, when my little sister (she turns 5 this month) is sitting next to me, I show her some pictures in the gallery. And guess what she says? She says: Awww.. I want this, I want that, could you make/buy me one, too? And you know what? I love that! I love to show people the works my members did and I feel proud of it!

What I want to say is, that my goal is to see you all happy! Whether you're a professional or just started drawing.
Furthermore, this is not a "kawaii-desu-ne" group and this is also not a "submit-everything-you-want" group. This is a group where you can share happiness and cuteness.

I want to say THANK YOU!
God bless you!
God bless Kawaii-World!

Alright folks... get this! The super secret special announcement is about to be revealed... get ready...

in 3.....
*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*


It's time for a CONTEEEEEEEST!!!!!!  A 10.000-members-celebration-contest:party:

Lia and I thought that it would perfectly fit to the group's theme if you would draw your own "Kawaii-World".
It could be a dream world, a town, a landscape, a room, anything. Let your imagination run free!

:star: Theme: Draw your own "Kawaii-World" (max. 2 entries per member)
:star: Deadline:
February 28th, 2013 extended: March 31st, 2013
:star: Placing: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and "Best idea" and "Best realization"

:star: Allowed: Digital / traditional artwork, colors, animation, Photography (clay, stitch, felt, amigurumi, knit, crochet, etc.)
:star: Not allowed: Black/white pictures, doodles/sketches, already existing deviations (please make a new picture exclusively for this contest and write on your artist's comment: This image has been made for the Kawaii-World-Contest :))
:star: Submission:Please submit your entry to the "Kawaii-World-Contest 2012-2013" folder.

:star: Prizes and donations:

:bulletgreen: 1st place:
:bulletpurple: Full color headshot drawing to the 1st place by :iconcolorful--melody:
:bulletyellow: A chibi to the first place winner (preferably no males) by :iconlilrosebunneh:
:bulletred: A fully-colored picture to the 1st place winner in her own art style by :iconcirielle:
:bulletpurple: A full-color drawing to the 1st place by :iconkthelimit:
:bulletgreen: An animation to the 1st place by :iconawfulli:
:bulletwhite: A chibi of whatever you want to the 1st place by :iconfluffablesheep:
:bulletyellow: A pixel icon to the 1st place by :iconberrypuppy:
:bulletpink: GIF prize (large) to the 1st place by :iconthewolfthatlikescake:
:bulletblue: An animated chibi to the 1st place by :iconrainingxcandy:
:bulletred: A digitally colored chibi by :iconrinfiora:

:bulletgreen: 2nd place:
:bulletpink: GIF prize (small) to the 2nd place by :iconthewolfthatlikescake:
:bulletblue: A chibi to the 2nd place by :iconrainingxcandy:
:bulletpurple: A chibi to the 2nd place by :iconroboticloli:
:bulletred: A digitally colored chibi by :iconrinfiora:

:bulletgreen: 3rd place:
:bulletblack: A painting (like a commission) to the 3rd place by :iconcreative-caro:
:bulletpink: GIF prize (small) to the 3rd place by :iconthewolfthatlikescake:
:bulletblue: A chibi lineart to the 3rd place by :iconrainingxcandy:

:bulletgreen: to all winners:
:bulletblack: A free commission to the winner(s) by :icondemon-tetra:
:bulletorange: Chibi drawings to all the winners by :iconjewieee:
:bulletyellow: Chibis to every place (also best idea and best realization) by :iconjulibun:
:bulletred: A free commission of your choice to every place by :iconparaslte:
:bulletwhite: Full coloured Chibi's of their OC or chosen character (chibi's to each place) Llama's, Faves and Watch by :iconsquishhheh:
:bulletyellow: A mini chibi to all winners by :iconshakened:
:bulletred: A Llama from :iconrinfiora:

:bulletgreen: unsorted:

:bulletwhite: 5 Deviations in the Featured folder
:bulletyellow: Journal feature by the group and by :iconraindroppu:
:bulletorange: Secret plushie and/or drawing by :iconraindroppu:
:bulletred: 2 little amigurumis by :iconaltearithe:
:bulletpink: Small sakura kanzashi clips eruwaedhielelleth.deviantart.c… and a frosted hair barrette eruwaedhielelleth.deviantart.c… by :iconeruwaedhielelleth:
:bulletblue: A pair of foxy or bunny Necomimi replacement ears (even if you don't already have a Necomimi headset the ears will work on a normal headband) by :iconplushabilities:
:bulletblack: A free drawing/chibis to a winner by :iconduendepiecito:
:bulletgreen: 100 points from :iconeiljagorgor: (already given to Raindroppu)
:bulletblue: A colored full-body drawing (soft or cell-shaded) to any place by :iconstardazzle:
:bulletwhite: A bust/headshot painting to any place by :iconatelier-rabbyt:
:bulletorange: A free commission of your choice to any place by :iconkalshix:
:bulletred: A free chibi to a winner by :iconmonochromeillusion:
:bulletpurple: A photomanipulation to a winner by :iconsparrowwrightheart:

+ [insert prize here]

:star: Jury:
:iconlialilie: :iconraindroppu: :iconchenguang23: :iconnickystar101: :iconaltearithe: :icontinyfurrtails: :iconelliebracha: :iconsquishhheh: :iconpbjamjam: :iconsylvainadopts: :iconcirielle: :iconstrawberryblossom123::icon8bit-chan:(If he's not entering.)

+ [insert jury-member here]

We'll appreciate any donations given for the contest and we'll also be glad if there were some jury-members helping us out by voting. Please keep in mind that jury-members won't be able to participate in the contest.


Raindroppu :blowkiss:


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