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Dear sweeties,

I am forced to change the joining process. We accepted all the members automatically before but now we have to change the settings. New members have to wait for approval now because art thieves join the group automatically, too. WE DON'T SUPPORT ART THIEVES! Even though we block them, they deactivate their old account and make a new one (and sometimes also put similar deviations to their gallery) and then rejoin. We have to stop this. I am totally against it. I will approve member by member after I checked out their profile carefully. Yes, this is a lot of work to do but there's no other way. As soon as I find an art thief, I'll report him/her and even prove the theft if possible and necessary, for sure.
I also have to do this because some art thieves submitted stolen artworks to the contest folder. It is really unfair entering with a stolen artwork! Why do they do that? I don't get it! What do they get when they steal artworks? Nothing! They only get more and more hatred and condemnation! Is it worth? NO, of course not.
I'm afraid, no art thief is getting to read this. Why should they do it? They have better things to do like stealing artwork, right? xD

:star: Another important thing is that many members just miss the right category for their art.. xD
Sweeties, we have 2 FANART folders (traditional/digital), a folder for PLUSHIES, CHRISTMAS, ANIMALS and so on.. Please be more careful while submitting art.
- What happens if you submit your art to the wrong folder?
--> We have to decline it and tell you where to submit it to. This means that, if you already have submitted 2 deviations (remember the submission limit of 2 deviations per day!), you have to wait for the next day to submit your deviation(s) to the right folder.
--> Or: if your deviation has been accepted, we have to check each folder for wrong submissions and move them to the right ones. You have no idea how hard it is to check deviation by deviation and finding out whether it's in the right category or not.
If you submit your artwork to the right folder, there will be no stress, everything will be alright and your deviation will be accepted sooner and faster! :D So, which way is better? ^^


We had many submissions containing blood, nudity, violence and some of them were not even fitting to the group's theme. Please keep in mind that we don't accept these deviations. ^^

I hope you all agree with my decision. :) It's just for the good of all! This group means a lot to me and I want to keep it alive as much as possible with all my strength and power of will! :huggle:

I wish you all a lovely Christmas time! :iconchristmastreeplz: :iconpresentplz:


Raindroppu :blowkiss:


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