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Hello everyone! :wave: by KlauS92

This journal is something like a bill-board. You can ask people for help, e.g. looking for an art trade partner, collab partner etc.  If you're looking for help, comment on this journal with what kind of help you need.

It would be nice if you could comment again, if you got your help so that I can take you down from this journal. I will take down most things that are one month old because I can't keep track of every help request.


:bulletgreen:Help Requests:bulletgreen:

:bulletpurple: PaperConstellations is looking for members and contributors.
AzuraiFrostwing: "PaperConstellations is a charity group formed to support those in need when they need it. The money is gained through "Charity Commissions," sales, and other events and ideas suggested by the members themselves."

:bulletpurple::iconanimemangabefore2000: has a project: "Lately we have been helping fans to translate their faved old manga series by finding translators on DA and feature the series they want to translate. Anyone who wants to translate his faved manga series or help us is welcome."

:bulletpurple:IzumiKonaKona: "I have started a charity group recently. GlobalCharity is raising points for desperate deviants in need. Join to help the community."

:bulletred:VenusRain: "I'm in severe debt and running out of time to pay it off; my commission info is here and my Patreon is here. Any amount would be greatly appreciated."
(Jun 28th)

:bulletred:Hyun-sama has openend emergency commissions.
(Aug 5th)

:bulletblue:SweetMacaronAdopts: "I'm trying to raise money for a trip to New York and am offering custom art of the characters along with the designs themselves." auction here
(Jul 29th)

:bulletblue:KawaiiCupCake-Chan's group :iconnoticemoreart: is having a group icon contest.
(Jul 30th)

:bulletblue:FelicityKendal: "Can someone commission me? I need money..." commission info here
(Jul 31st)

:bulletblue:PrettyPumpkinhead is having a contest. The prize for the 1st place is a 12 month premium membership.
(Aug 1st)

:bulletblue:wildstar27: "It would be nice for me to have some more watchers and yes I'll consider taking some commissions."
(Aug 1st)

:bulletblue:MyuOneeChan is doing commissions.
(Aug 1st)

:bulletblue:Skunkyfly: HELP a family suffering from WAR IN UKRAINE
WE NOW HAVE A GOFUNDME PAGE huuuge thanks to Kreoko!
Hi everyone,
Life got really tough for my friend recently, and this is probably the last chance to help her small family. This girl means the world to me, and I'm trying my best to help her, but since I'm far away from them, I'm pretty powerless alone. Which is why I really, really need your help right now.
My friend and her mom live in Luhansk, Ukraine. Not so long ago a serious war begun there, putting their lives in danger. Now there's no water, no gas and no electricity in most parts of their city, half of the city is damaged and obviously it's not safe to stay there. The family went to Kharkov for a week, but now they can't s

(Aug 3rd)

:bulletblue:DrakeArts: "I'm currently open for $25 commissions for the Summer/Fall season. also I'm starting a youtube channel and I need some suggestions for good recording software for when I record my art work or speed paints."
(Aug 13th)

:new::bulletblue:Narumo: "I need to replace my drawing tablet soon, so I'm taking commissions. Narumo's Commissions by Narumo"
(Aug 21st)

:new::bulletblue:FlaminiaKennedy: "I'm trying to save money for a special event where me and my friend really want to go, so I'm open for Commissions!! Here the prices and the examples!
If you're interested in custom adoptables, instead, you can check out my other account FluffySloth-Adopts"
(Aug 22nd)

:new::bulletblue:Hilups: "Need some money for the University, 9$ comms are open. I also sell adoptables. "
(Aug 22nd)

:new::bulletblue:Ruellea: "Hi, I'm currently open for pixel icon commissions, to raise money so I can replace my broken laptop, read more info here"
(Aug 24th)

:new::bulletblue:miyuu1chan: "I'm doing a drawing contest for my dogs birthday and i would like some price contributers and contestants."
(Aug 25th)


Have a nice day!
LiaLilie                  :iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividergreenplz:

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