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Hello everyone! :wave: by KlauS92

This journal is something like a bill-board. You can ask people for help, e.g. looking for an art trade partner, collab partner etc.  If you're looking for help, comment on this journal with what kind of help you need.

It would be nice if you could comment again, if you got your help so that I can take you down from this journal. I will take down most things that are one month old because I can't keep track of every help request.


:bulletgreen:Help Requests:bulletgreen:



:bulletblue:AkumuShiro: "description and the auction: -Starwalkers- [closed species]Starwalkers
are going to be my first official closed species~
So this journal will get updated a few times...
Co-owner: IamSKETCHcat 
"These human-like creatures live during the day as normal people, just tend to be sleepy and a bit spacing out, have normal lives and can have relationships with humans.
But then at night, they put on their working clothes (varies with personality) and a special bag with three star-symbols at the side.
As we know, new stars get born every day and it is their job to collect these "star-babies" so that the night-sky won't turn too bright. So they walk up there on this cloud-field to pick those stars like a gardener does his job in a garden.
And if a human sees a shootingstar, it means one of the star-babies was able to escape.

Also their collected stars will get used for something good, like if a streetlight is defect, a star will get put into

My emergency is, my little cousin poured juice over my Wacom Intuos and now it is dead and I need a new one T^T College will start soon again and I need it for class as well...."
(Aug 2nd)

:bulletblue:MewzySugoi: Art Sites??? (Please Recommend Art Sites Below)I am kind of tired of deviantarts crud.
I also want to get more out there with my art.
Please recommend sites below I really really would appreciate it!!!
I'm really looking for sites that does a lot with or specializes in art like an artists community site.
Like a site with a ton of anime stuffs or something of that nature.
If you know or have heard of one please list it below!!!
I read every comment and if I don't answer right away I do right away appreciate it deeply thank you for reading!!!

(Aug 18th)

:bulletblue:julibun: "Ahh um ;u; I also made my first species ;~; Tis also my first adoptable >_<
#2 and #3 still need a home, and I thought hosting a contest and a raffle would bring it more attention, but alas ^^; So I'm looking for prize donors, contest participants, and I won't be working this semester so if you could perhaps consider adopting them.. no pressure! I still have scholarship money ^^
Winglace Contest! 2200 in pts + Raffle + More!!So Winglace. Have you heard about them? Probably not ;u;
Winglace are a CLOSED species, created by julibun(me).
But... what if, in some AU, your OC was actually a Winglace as well?!? What would they look like? Would their personality be intact? Would their age be different? Has their backstory changed??

Draw your OC as if they were a Winglace species!
OR Write about it!
Be sure to include every Winglace characteristic!
Here's a journal about Winglace to help:

Must link the contest in descriptionMust leave comment below with link to entry so I know ;u; <3MUST HAVE FUN!!^^ ~
Bullet; Blue Blue Square Bullet Bullet; Blue  DEADLINE: October 1st! Bullet; Blue Blue Square Bullet 
Winglace [Closed Species] [Info]
Arrow left Winglace are created by julibunArrow right
They are currently a closed species, so you may only get them from me!
Thank you! 

About the Winglace Species

Winglace are creatures that come from the underworld. They are ghostlike, spirits, that wander the planet. Winglace are found near abandoned buildings. However, they can also be found amongst abandoned objects as well. Anything left alone or abandoned is sure to acquire a Winglace companion.
They don childlike characteristics. They are sometimes capable of fitting into the palm of your hand. They can change form though, and appear as a typical size of a human being. Once they're in their full human-like size, they also appear more mature and older.
When you see one, you're most likely
(Aug 21st)

:new::bulletblue:Seleyes: "Commissions are open! ^___^ I just created my Patreon too, my pc is kinda old and I'm studyin' art by myself! I'd appreciate every help! ^____^"
(Aug 25th)

:new::bulletblue:rarebankcompany: "Hello. Im kinda new to this artsies, but i wanna improve my drawing technique.

First check my page, if you like my style of artworks then let's discuss. Right now im planning to do a $2 commission for artworks or name your price haha, just for fun and maybe a win-win deal for you and me. Maximum of 3 days bcoz im only doing it during free time. I will do OCs or do artworks for ur avatar. I think that's it for now and I can move forward when i get results. XD

Well my theme is kinda cutesy kids lost in fairytale like world.
Let's talk. Hehe."
(Aug 26th)

:new::bulletblue:SonjaLazovaArt: "Hello! I recently opened cheap chibi point commissions because I've been a member on dA for 5 years and never had Core membership so I really want and need one :D The info is on my profile."
(Aug 26th)


:bulletpurple: PaperConstellations is looking for members and contributors.
AzuraiFrostwing: "PaperConstellations is a charity group formed to support those in need when they need it. The money is gained through "Charity Commissions," sales, and other events and ideas suggested by the members themselves."

:bulletpurple::iconanimemangabefore2000: has a project: "Lately we have been helping fans to translate their faved old manga series by finding translators on DA and feature the series they want to translate. Anyone who wants to translate his faved manga series or help us is welcome."


Have a nice day!
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